Perfecting Your Self Care

Perfecting Your Self Care

Perfecting Your Self Care

It’s so important that we put time aside for ourselves. Life can be pretty stressful, and having a self-care plan can help increase your mood and mental wellbeing significantly. Our mental health has taken a bit of a beating this past year, so why not look towards some eco-friendly self-care products to help your me-time feel more productive? From a pamper gift box to candles and bath bombs, you can create your own spa day directly from your own home.


Here at Design 44, we stock and sell gift sets, accessories and homewares online, all of which have been lovingly created by local designers. We love to promote local businesses and sustainability, ensuring that all our products are eco-friendly and completely unique. If you’re looking for a relaxation gift for yourself, we’ve got the perfect products for you…


Affirming Messages


Sometimes, we just need someone to tell us that we’re doing a good job, but more often than not, we need to give ourselves a break! By having a few life-affirming messages scattered around your home, you can make your daily life that much easier, and it can make a bad day so much better. You can create these cards yourself, but local designers have crafted their own positive messages to bring surprise and thoughtfulness to your self-care routine!


Our little box of pick-me-ups are incredibly popular, with cute little messages tucked neatly away in glass tubes and sealed with a cork. All ten messages are lovingly encased in a white box with copper print, and have been crafted by just one of many of our local designers. Looking to challenge yourself? Our 30-day self-confidence box is perfect for keeping self-sabotage at bay, and can help you lead a prosperous month!


Scents and Sprays


They always say that candles and comforting scents are great for relaxation and mindfulness, and they’re right! Whether your bed, bath or living room is your comfortable spot, candles make the perfect birthday gift if you know someone has been lacking in their me-time. Our candles can come complete in a pamper gift box or on their own, and they’re great for all kinds of self-care situations!


Our self-love candles are made form 100% soy wax and fine fragrance oils, making it a highly sustainable option compared to its usual paraffin wax counterpart. All candles are hand poured and are perfect for placing around the bath as you soak and relax. If you’re into your plants, this particular candle transforms into a planter once burned through, making it a great reusable, environmentally friendly option.


Pamper Gift Boxes


Whether you’re looking for a small gift box to take the edge off, or a large gift box to really engross yourself in your self-care ritual, there’s an option out there for you. A relaxing pamper box makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift too, and even makes a special birthday treat! Our array of pamper gift boxes come packed full of sustainable products to help you relax when things get to be a little too much.


Our self-love gift box comes with a candle, bath bomb, everyday self-care book plus many other products to help you relax and take care of yourself when things feel overwhelming. Alternatively, our relax gift box comes with a room spray and an eye pillow to help you have a restful night’s sleep, which we all desperately need! Self-care is so important, so let us help you make the process a little easier with our wide array of locally designed, sustainable accessories and homewares online and in store!