Design 44 – Get to Know Us

Design 44 – Get to Know Us

Design 44; Get to Know us

Ever since its opening in 2013, Design 44 has been dedicated to providing handmade lifestyle gifts for a collection of different uses in a range of designs. In the last eight years, we have expanded into the thriving small business we are today. Our store at Intu Derby is home to a wide variety of environmentally friendly products and trendy gifts perfect for all occasions. From homewares and accessories to sustainable gift boxes and stationary, we source and make the very best UK and Scandinavian products.

During these trying and competitive times, it’s never been more important to shop locally and support small businesses. Our winsome, handy little shop has an online store for you to browse our products to your heart’s content. Our products can be delivered across the UK, making the perfect gifts for all occasions. Read our article below to discover more about our goals, products and ethos.

Handmade, Eco Friendly Gifts

Here at Design 44, we recognise and respect the importance of protecting the environment and veering away from mass produced, unoriginal designs and ideas. Our owner Jade Devall has turned Design 44 into one of the most successful independent stores in the Midlands, driven by her passion for showcasing small businesses. Having worked in the design industry and making handmade products for 8 years, Jade now owns her own design company.

Our products range from practical home accessories to lifestyle books and jewellery, making for perfect gift ideas. Most of our designers welcome commissions for designs, so do not hesitate to get in touch today. You can view our sustainable beauty and wellbeing products here.

Giving Designers a Platform

As our small business has grown over the years, we’ve used this opportunity to showcase more talented, local designers by offering them space in our store to sell their products. Since moving into our store at Intu Derby, we have welcomed over 50 designers to sell their products alongside high street brands.

We are fully dedicated to helping small businesses and designers make a name for themselves. Every four months, we rent out our spaces to independent companies whose designs fit our goals and ethos. To inquire further about how you can get your unique designs sold in our online store, please visit us online. We always aim to be fair when choosing whose work to feature in store, and we only ever source the very best product ideas and designs. You can view our talented list of featured designers here.

At Design 44, our bespoke lifestyle, eco friendly gifts and home accessories are perfect for all occasions. If you have any questions about our products or designs, please get in contact today by emailing